How to Access Etz Hayim HHB Online

Etz Hayim HHB is providing you with a number of ways to access our  our events and worship on line.

  • You Tube  Image result for YouTube
    • You can access YouTube on a smart TV that has applications and connects to the internet
    • You can use your ROKU or APPLE TV – connected to your television to watch YouTube on your TV Set
    • You can access You Tube through your phone – Android or IPhone
    • You can access You Tube through your tablet – IPAD or Amazon First
    • Using your Laptop – or Desktop
      •  You can connect your laptop to your TV – what you need to purchase is a cord that connects your laptop into one of the inputs of the TV – either HDMI / Component or Composite.  [SEE VIDEO BELOW]
    • YOU TUBE: Search for Etz Hayim HHB.  Click our name and make sure you Subscribe to the Channel – this way you can always go to it. The video windows will have our live stream. Also you can see past webinars and programs on line.
  • Our Website
    • Look for Etz Hayim Online or go to Service Streaming – the stream will be on that page .