Congregation Etz Hayim at Hollis Hills Bayside

The consolidated communities of Hollis Hills Bayside Jewish Center and Marathon Jewish Community Center

Joining Our Community

Being part of a community should not be based on financial worth or capability. Shared values and the bonds of tradition and heritage form the link creating relationships and connections. That is why we refer to our areas as Gatherings and Connecting. We hope that through our You Tube channel, Facebook page and this Website to invite those who are part of the Jewish Journey, in whatever form and level it may take, to explore and connect with their Jewish identity. 

Affiliation is a choice and not a price.  To become affiliated we ask two things – that you fill out an affiliation form that can place you in our community records so that we can reach out to you with programming and offerings; and that you make a pledge of some financial support to our community.  This enables you to participate in decision making about the direction and leadership of the components of our congregation including our sanctuary and activities. It also provides you with free tickets to our High Holiday services.  

Click Here to make a Pledge