Why Sisterhood

On a personal level. Sisterhood is a group of women who have formed lifelong bonds by not only being members of the Hollis Hills Bayside Jewish Center but also by empowering themselves to run an organization.

On a local level, Sisterhood is an organization of women dedicated to the beautification, education and enhancement of the Hollis Hills Bayside Jewish Center. It is considered a fundraising arm of the shul, and, as such, runs many of its own programs and sponsors many of the shul’s programs.

On a larger scale. Sisterhood is a branch of the Women’s League for Conservative Judaism. Women’s League is the largest synagogue-based women’s organization in the world. Its mission is to strengthen women’s groups and their members; support them in their effort to understand and perpetuate Judaism in the home, synagogue, and community; and to reinforce bonds in Israel and with Jews worldwide.

Why should I join Sisterhood?

The most important reason is because of the special relationships you will make with a group of dedicated, hard-working women. Other important reasons include that your membership helps support the Women’s League for Conservative Judaism and helps support our shul.

Isn’t Sisterhood just for long-term shul members?

Absolutely not. Sisterhood is for everyone. Traditionally, Sisterhood may have been geared toward longer-term members, but that has certainly changed. In fact, the best part of Sisterhood is the mix of women from all age groups. To that end, the board has sponsored programs designed to appeal to everyone. Further, the mix of women has enabled long-term members to provide their invaluable knowledge and experience to the newer members, so that Sisterhood will thrive. Conversely, the newer members have brought fresh ideas and their own experiences to the organization.

What programs does Sisterhood run?

Sisterhood was extremely busy this year with both our “annual favorites” and new events. This past year alone. Sisterhood sponsored our annual Kick-Off BBQ, a brunch with a guest who spoke about women’s health issues. Karaoke Night, an afternoon at the off-Broadway show “A Jew Grows in Brooklyn” followed by a private discussion lead by its lead actor, a Purim project that allowed us to wish our extended family at Etz Hayim a Chag Sameach, and a Spring Fair/Silent Auction just in time for Mother’s Day. One of the biggest highlights of the year, as always, was Sisterhood Shabbat, where we conducted services by ourselves. Building upon the previous year, many women either participated for the first time or participated in a new way!

In previous years. Sisterhood was also a vibrant, busy organization. For example, in addition to many of the above-described activities, we have sponsored trips to the Jewish Heritage Museum and, of course, sponsored one of the biggest events of each year-Etz Hayim Torah Fund.

In addition to our events. Sisterhood opened a new gift shop, which has proven to be quite successful. We have stocked the shop with an eclectic and charming array of wares ranging from beautiful Judaica to children’s toys.

What is Sisterhood planning for this year?

So far, in addition to our annual Kick-Off Brunch, we are planning a return of the not-to-be-missed Karaoke Night, Torah Fund, Sisterhood Shabbat, a guest speaker series, and numerous other events.

How much are membership dues?

Congregation Etz Hayim’s Sisterhood has one of the lowest membership dues in the Queens/Long Island area. Currently, our dues are only $54 per year.

Where does my money go?

This year, approximately $10 of your dues will be sent to the Women’s League for Conservative Judaism. The rest of your dues will be used to sponsor events that, in turn, will help us raise money for our shul.

Specifically, how does my support help our shul?

This past year alone, Sisterhood has donated to many events at Congregation Etz Hayim. Some of these have included the Cantor’s Concert, a donation of Shabbat candles and Siddurim to be given by the shul to our B’Nai Mitzvah, and the annual Journal Dinner Dance. In addition. Sisterhood gratefully acknowledges Rita Plush who worked diligently to replace the Ark curtain m Menchel Hall.

So now, our question to you is… are you ready to be a part of Sisterhood???

A member of the Women’s League for Conservative Judaism.