Navigating Our Prayers

How many of us pay attention to what we are reading and speaking in our prayers? Are we saying the prayers by rote? How many of us would like a better understanding of the prayers and the reason they are included in our liturgy? In addition, some of us can not keep up or follow the chanting of our Tefillah (prayers). Rabbi Wise and Cantor Zim will lead the congregation to enrich our understanding of the prayers we say every week. We will begin with prayers from the Shachrit portion of the Shabbat service. This area of our web site will musically highlight the prayers of our services. We will provide commentary on the prayer by the rabbi as well as Hebrew, English and transliteration of the words. Our goal is to add meaning to the service for those who are not yet conversant with its content and enrichment for those who are. Some of these prayers may be earlier in the service than your accustomed arrival time (the expected time of the prayer will be published). We hope (and pray) that this program will enrich the spirituality of our services and, we hope you will make an effort to join us in this new experience.

Each week Cantor Zim will lead us with easy to follow melodies to enhance our participation. Rabbi Wise will teach us the meaning and importance of the prayers with the assistance of our constant contact communication system and brief explanations during the course of services. In addition, you may refer to the “The Primer on Jewish Prayer” under the ritual tab on our website.

The Shachrit portion of the service begins at 9:25 A.M. Won’t you join us to deepen your understanding and fulfillment of our Shabbat weekly prayers.