Our Curriculum

Our program helps our children understand and appreciate their Jewish heritage and grow up connected to their culture in a meaningful way.

Lesson content will be interactive covering topics such as Jewish holidays, Hebrew language, Torah study, Jewish values, and history. The program will aim to create a dynamic learning environment that fosters connections within the Jewish community and helps children develop a deeper understanding and appreciation of their heritage. A new learning module for grades 3+ will focus on Jewish Pride and anti-Semitism.

 All materials taught in class are accessible through our online platform for storing, sharing, and accessing educational materials, called Schoology. Schoology ensures teachers, families, and students can all easily access curriculum materials and supplemental resources. Students can log in anytime to complete extra exercises and practice. Students can submit work directly through the platform and teachers can provide feedback to students. 

The K-2 curriculum that we build our curriculum on has 28 lesson plans that introduce Hebrew letters and words through interactive activities and learning about Jewish holidays. Kindergarten and 1st grade students explore each value through the 5 senses and 2nd graders learn about values.

In grades 3-7, our curriculum is based on exploring seven Jewish values in as many as 28 age-appropriate lesson plans, that include studying text, history, prayers, and holidays. Videos incorporate Social Emotional Learning (SEL) to help students apply the values to real-world situations.

And for grades 3-7 we will also be utilizing a curriculum based on Jewish Pride and Understanding Anti Semitism.