Yom Ha’Atzmaut–Israel’s Independence Day


May 4, 2022    
8:00 pm

Wednesday evening, May 4th begins Yom Ha’Atzmaut, Israel’s Independence Day

Join Rabbi Greene and Rabbi Wise in Menchel Hall and via Rabbi Greene’s Zoom at 8 PM after evening minyan

for a screening of the movie


A Film by: Ephraim Kishon

(Israel/USA /West Germany, 1969, 90 Minutes, Black & White, Hebrew, English subtitles, Cast: Bomba Tzur, Nissim Azikri, Albert Cohen,Gabi Amrani,Oshik Levi, Shaike Ophir, Uri Zohar)

A screwball comedy 

Kasimir Blaumilch escapes a psychiatric ward, steals a pneumatic drill, and starts ripping up the streets of Tel Aviv, wreaking havoc and bringing the city to a standstill. Meanwhile, city officials busy themselves with whitewashing the unfolding chaos, instead of taking action. Kishon presents a sharp, witty, and hilarious satire that blurs the fine line between normal and insane

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Hag ‘Atzmaut Sameah!