Tuesday Jewish Short Stories with Rabbi Greene


January 31, 2023    
12:30 pm - 1:30 pm


12:30 PM


Class Dates and Stories:


January 10 – No Class
January 17 – No Class
January 24 – No Class
January 31 – Wild Berry Blue by Rivka Galchen
February 7 – The Clock That Struck 13 by Shalom Aleichem
February 14 – The Dowry by Sholem Asch

We will read Yiddish, Herew, and English (primarily from the United States) Jewish short stories. Foreign language stories will be in translation.

Class will be held in the Menchel Hall.

We will still provide a Zoom link for all those who aren’t able or ready to attend in person.
Watch for your Etz Hayim emails for the link to join the meeting

Below please find the stories.
Rabbi Greene will have printed copies of the stories for those attending in person.

January 31 – For Wild Berry Blue Part 1 click here

For Wild Berry Blue Part 2 click here

February 7 – For The Clock That Struck 13 click here

February 14 -For The Dowry click here

These texts can be printed out so that you have them for reference during class.