We Had a Rockin’ Sukkot!

Can you believe we are in the month of Heshvan already?  Time flies!

Sukkot is always a big hit for our younger crowd, and this year was no different.  Our spirited families (adults and kids (and even Rabbis!)) donned leis, hula skirts, and Hawaiian shirts for our Hawaii Night in the Sukkah!

As a special treat, we served pineapple chicken, tangerine beef, and egg rolls, followed up by our massively popular Sukkot cookies from Queens Pita that were in the shape of a lulav and etrog!  I breathed a big sigh of relief when I realized that I had exactly enough cookies for everyone there.

We had new families and old, and we all danced the night away.  Halfway through the party, some members on the NYPD stopped by.   We couldn’t let them go without dinner, after which they put on hula skirts and took pictures with the kids.

The best part was the blessings.  Rabbi Wise and Rabbi Greene helped each child individually to wave the lulav and etrog, and recite the proper brachot.  Everyone went home exhausted, happy, and with full tummies.  What more could you want from a luau in a Sukkah?!