Shabbat Tetzaveh 5782

The Mishkan is our continued focus this week, as we read about pure olive oil and sacred clothing. As we encounter Parshat Tetzaveh, we find Moshe instructed to get his brother and nephews ready for their forthcoming priestly roles with bigdei kodesh, “sacral vestments.” In this particular case, clothes make the man–the uniform is a key component of the priesthood.
My goal in offering the weekly musical scavenger hunt is to entice people to read the Torah portion carefully, as well as to have some fun with music. Even if you don’t care for the video clips, it’s worthwhile to read the parshah anyway. For those who want to play along, why did I think of these songs?
These guys looked Hasidic but they were more Mitnagdish
She asks a good question
The Byrds covering Pete Seeger again
Bonus points for connecting Madonna to Torah that isn’t Kabbalah
How would we know without Montell?
The Four Dreidels?
Before they became stars
Answers will be revealed after Shabbat minhah, which begins this week at 5:05 PM. Remember that we are no longer having early minhah.
Wishing you a Shabbat Shalom and happy listening,
Rabbi David Wise
Candle lighting: 5:07 PM
Torah Reading: Exodus 27:20-30:10
Haftarah: Ezekiel 43:10-27