Shabbat Vayera 5782

In this week’s action-packed Torah portion, Vayera, we find some of the best-known stories in our tradition. From the hospitality of Avraham and Sarah, to the destruction of Sodom, to the birth of Yitzhak and banishment of Yishma’el, to the spellbinding narrative of the ‘Akedah, we have one Biblical greatest hit after another. See if you can connect these greatest hits to their associations with the Torah portion.

Since I’m going to Toronto next week…
From Who’s Next
Boston never repeated its initial success
Paul just turned 80
Listen to the Heartbreakers
Belt it, Annie!
Bob’s in Touch With His Jewish Roots
Answers will be revealed after Shabbat minhah, which begins this week at 5:40 PM.
Wishing you a Shabbat Shalom and happy listening,
Rabbi David Wise
Candle lighting: 5:45 PM
Torah Reading: Genesis 18:1-22:24
Haftarah: II Kings 4:1-37