Introduction to this Page

Introduction To My Ritual Blog


I have been offered the opportunity as Ritual Director to share, from time to time, to share my thoughts on ritual or spiritual matters. I am flattered by the offer and  more than happy to take on the task.

A caveat: I am not The Rabbi. I am not a rabbi. Most of my reflections will be of a personal nature, sharing my take and my feelings and understanding on various subjects. Nothing I write or say should be taken as a definitive statement of law and tradition. It is rather, as I said, a reflection of my relationship to our God and our literature. I am doing this out a belief the we all have our own special relationships and the hope that, in sharing mine, I can either offer some insight or, even better to encourage my friends and neighbors to look into their own hearts and souls a find personal meaning in our rich spiritual history.

In love and friendship

Gordon Goldman – Ritual Director