Shabbat Hukkat 5781

The Torah includes many laws that make perfect sense, and stories with endings that fit the script. But this week, we have the law of the Red Heifer, with no rational explanation, and the punishment of Moses and Aaron, which defies satisfactory explanation. The best way to navigate Parshat Hukkat is, of course, with song! What made me think of these tracks? Warning–some of them were used last year, so if you remember from then, power to you!
David Bowie’s ritual item
From Melissa Etheridge’s debut album
The Brothers Gallagher
Country Star Jason Aldean
No one elicited more of this than Aaron
Duran Duran saw the problem coming
Now that we are coming back to shul in person, I will be revealing the connections in the break between Minhah and Ma’ariv. Join us in person in the sanctuary, or virtually on the livestream, at 7:55 PM.
Wishing you a Shabbat Shalom, and as always, good health,  
Rabbi David Wise

Candle lighting: 8:11 PM
Torah Reading: Numbers 19:1-22:1
Triennial: Numbers 19:1-20:21
Haftarah: Judges 11:1-33