Shabbat Tetzaveh 5781

As we go from Purim into Shabbat this year, I don’t want us to forget to have fun with video clips of music. Wait, don’t we do that every week? We do indeed, but here’s something special to enhance your Purim joy.
The expression “clothes make the man (or woman)” applies to this week’s Torah portion, Tetzaveh. That’s because we learn about the special wardrobe that Aharon, as the first Kohen Gadol, High Priest, has to wear. Our parshah is pretty much a continuation of the detailed instructions for setting up sacred service in the Mishkan.
Can you find the part of the Torah reading that relates to these songs? You’ll have to read the parshah and try to figure out how my mind works; the former will be easier than the latter!
Join us on my Zoom Saturday evening at 6:30 for havdalah, where I’ll share the anwers!
Wishing you a Shabbat Shalom, and as always good health 
Rabbi David Wise