Shabbat Toldot 5781

I hope that this week was a safe and healthy one for you. I know that the uptick in positive COVID cases has us anxious. As we enter the Shabbat before Thanksgiving, I encourage us to remain resolute and wise in our decision-making about gatherings. Let’s keep taking care of each other through restraint. Remember, there are no halakhic issues around Zoom Thanksgiving meals!
For this week’s musical musings, I’ve got three songs that remind me of Parshat Toldot. You have to read the portion to have a chance at reading my mind (it’s a short story, obviously). What made me think of these tracks?
This week’s Hebrew song is one that reminds me of Esav, the Bible’s misunderstood child who is a far more sympathetic character than the traditional commentators would ever admit. The original recording is by the great Israeli band Kaveret (aka Poogy) from the 1970s. I’m including
their original recordingthe lyrics in both English and Hebrew, and a more recent cover by one of my favorite artists, Mosh Ben Ari.
Wishing you a Shabbat Shalom, and as always good health 
Rabbi David Wise