Shabbat Noah 5781

Dear Friends,
I hope that the first days of the month of Marheshvan have been good to you. The name of this month is similar to the ancient Akkadian month, but the rabbis found symbolism in its first syllable, Mar, bitter, as in maror. Why is this a bitter month? Because it doesn’t have any holy days, especially in contrast to the honey-sweetness of last month, Tishrei. Some Jewish professionals might beg to differ about the bitterness part!
I am using this Shabbat to recharge my batteries after an intensive month (or eight), but I am still thinking of Torah and how to share it with my you, my beloved congregation. You can find my dvar Torah for this Shabbat here.
I’m also including music related to the Torah portion. For example, this song from the mid-1990s by Jars of Clay was so good and got so much play on mainstream rock radio that almost no one noticed that it was by a Christian rock band! Then there’s Mabul“Flood,” by the Israeli songwriter Rona Keinan. Here’s the video, and the lyrics are here.
After he emerges from the ark, Noah has some rough times. He has an even more embarrassing experience with alcohol than these Canadian icons
Wishing you a Shabbat Shalom, and as always good health 
Rabbi David Wise