Shabbat Shelah-Lekha 5780

Dear Friends,
The tension mounts, and another traumatic moment in Israelite history consigns us to wander in the wilderness for 40 years. That’s the main narrative of this week’s Torah portion, Shelah-Lekha. But there are silver linings here, too. Some dreams remain intact. Click here for the written version of this week’s Dvar Torah. You can find the video version here.
I confess that I was not aware of the significance of Juneteenth until only recently. In the spirit of listening and learning to which I have committed, I recommend reading this collection of essays by Black Jews about the day. And here’s another episode of Uncomfortable Conversations With a Black Man.
More people need to play the Parshah Music Treasure Hunt game this week! These songs are connected to the Torah portion. Write to me and tell me the connection.
Yaz featuring Alison Moyet (gotta love the 80s)
Finally, don’t forget to click here for Virtual Shabbat Prayers from Cantor Zim.
Wishing you a Shabbat Shalom,  and as always good health 
Rabbi David Wise