Shabbat Beha’alotekha 5780

Dear Friends,
Since last Shabbat, we have had moments to listen and learn. We heard from African American Christian clergy on Sunday, and from a Jewish historian on Black-Jewish relations on Wednesday. We have uncertain days ahead, not unlike our ancestors in the wilderness. Click here for the written version of my dvar Torah for this Shabbat. You can find a video recording of the same teaching here.
I know that a number of people appreciated (and shared) last week’s clip of “Uncomfortable Conversations With a Black Man.” You can find Episode Two here.
For another look at the Torah portion, and with thematic relevance, check out this video from the late, lamented G-dcast Video Archive. If only they hadn’t run out of funding! At least BimBam follows up their animated educational work.
Here’s a parshah scavenger hunt for you. Write to me and tell me what parts of the Torah portion made me think of these songs by:
Finally, don’t forget to click here for Virtual Shabbat Prayers from Cantor Zim.
Wishing you a Shabbat Shalom,  and as always good health 
Rabbi David Wise