Congregation Etz Hayim at Hollis Hills Bayside

The consolidated communities of Hollis Hills Bayside Jewish Center and Marathon Jewish Community Center

Shabbat Emor 5780

Dear friends,
We are now at the midpoint of the month of Iyyar. Two months ago, it was Purim, our last full-scale public gathering before we began to shelter at home. You may have noticed that in recent Shabbat emails I have been counting the weeks of our physical separation consciously. In my Shabbat video dvar Torah, which you can find here, I explain why it’s so important to measure time, especially these days.
I’m including links to two of the essays cited in my teaching.
And speaking of counting, here’s a song to lift your spirits from a band that’s all about Counting [Crows].
And speaking of songs to lift your spirits, here’s a musical genre that Rabbis Akiva and Shimon bar Yohai could never have anticipated: 
And, this melody by Joey Weisenberg always lifts my spirits, so much so that I sometimes use it on Friday nights.
Finally, don’t forget to click here for Virtual Shabbat Prayers from Cantor Zim, and some Torah reading clips from me.
Wishing you a Shabbat Shalom and good health
Rabbi David Wise