Gmar Chatima Tova Our Gala Concert – A Tribute to Israel

The Holidays are now upon us and we are bonding so beautifully as a community and as a family! Let the love and spirituality that we share strengthen our voices as we pray to Hashem for a healthy & peaceful New Year!

HERE ARE DATES AND EVENTS TO REMEMBER as we begin the New YearGet ready for our continued YIDDISH CLUB”. We will start after the holidays. Come join us! All are welcome!  Dates to be announced in next month’s Dateline…Come join our LEARN TO DAVENprogram. This will be a special time we can share & sing together!  Come join us! All are welcome! Dates to be announced in next month’s Dateline.


Date/Time:    SUNDAY, NOVEMBER 24, 2019 at 7:00 PM Location: LEFRAK CONCERT HALL at QUEENS COLLEGE



A Master Cantor, performer of Classical, Jewish and Israeli music, as well as musical theatre. He has appeared in venues from Carnegie Hall to Tel Aviv’s Mann Auditorium and Vienna’s Volkstheater. He has worked with some of the world’s leading conductors, including Zubin Mehta, Roger Norrington and Gary Bertini. Rafi studied Chazzanut with leading Chazzanim in Israel, the UK and the US and is now himself a teacher of many young Chazzanim. Cantor Frieder was a very dear friend of Mordechai Sobol and has worked very closely with him for many years.

  • CANTOR SHAI ABRAMSON (Representative Cantor For the State of Israel)

In 2008, Shai Abramson was appointed Chief Cantor of the Israel Defense Forces and serves as the Representative Cantor for the State of Israel, and participates in formal State occasions and ceremonies. He has performed as Cantor under the auspices of the Knesset, the IDF, the Ministry of Defense, and various other government ministries. Cantor Abramson performs with the most prominent Cantors and musicians of our generation, and participates in prayer services and concerts throughout Israel and the world. Cantor Abramson collaborated with Ofir & Mordechai Sobol and recorded a beautiful video singing the very popular Avinu Shebashamayim composed by Cantor Sol Zim that hit the internet by storm.

  • CANTOR SOL ZIM (Your Cantor)

“You know me so well”

We will be serenaded with music of so many genres…Chassidic, Israeli Pop, American Pop, Opera, Yiddish and of course Cantorial.  There will be a full (33 piece) symphony.

MAESTRO OFIR SOBOL (son of Mordechai Sobol z’l ) will conduct the Concert. Ofir follows in his father’s footsteps as being one of the most musically gifted individuals in the world of Jewish music today. He is sought after by musical artists & performers all over the world for his unique and breathtaking arrangements.  

 This year we are teaming up with TEMPLE ISRAEL OF GREAT NECK and presenting this Concert In Memory of DR./MAESTRO MORDECHAI SOBOL Z’L.  Mordechai was a World Renowned Brilliant Musician, Cantor, Conductor & Composer and a man with exceptional character. He was a very dear friend of mine and we worked closely together musically for over 25 years. Mordechai was also a dear friend of Cantor Rafi Frieder, of Temple Israel of Great Neck, and worked closely with him for many years as well. Cantor Frieder and his synagogue are working with us to present this concert in Mordechai Sobol’s memory.

 ** All are welcome to join for noshes/dessert following the Concert

 Remember…Sunday, NOVEMBER 24, 2019 at 7:00 PM at LEFRAK CONCERT HALL!     

 I would like to give a hearty Yasher Koach to our dear member IRA CHAZAN for making it possible for HHBJC to host the successful Israel Bonds Community Breakfast that was very well attended. The Guest Speaker was STEPHEN FLATOW, father of Alisa who was murdered by Palestinian terrorists in 1995 and the author of “A Father’s Story, My Fight For Justice”. His words were riveting and powerful and brought tears to our eyes through his emotional account of what happened to his beloved daughter. His devotion to the Jewish people and the State of Israel is truly abounding and steadfast.


See you in Shul.

Cantorially always, with love,

Cantor Sol Zim