We recently commemorated Yom Hashoah and as we remember and honor the six million who were murdered by the hands of the Nazis, we say NEVER AGAIN! It is now becoming abundantly clear that what we thought would never happen in the United States is indeed happening. Sadly and frighteningly, anti-Semitism is now at a near-historic high level here in the U.S.  We must all come together and act on our words “NEVER AGAIN”. We must do everything in our power to stop this virus from spreading and at the same time, we must protect ourselves.

We stand together with the Tree of Life–Or L’Simcha Congregations in Pittsburgh, PA and the Chabad of Poway, CA and with all the other victims of anti-Semitic acts and rhetoric across America and throughout the world.

We at HHBJC are taking proactive steps to keep everyone protected. Our shul has created a Security Committee, headed up and under the direction of BOB FOGEL. The committee is working on many different areas and forms of security and they are arranging meetings to guide and teach us how to be prepared and what action to take in case of, God forbid, an emergency. Everyone needs to stay aware and vigilant at all times. We are looking for more volunteers to join the committee. Please call the synagogue office if you can join. Thank you & Yasher Koach Bob, for this initiative. You and your committee are fantastic and are truly covering so many aspects of security & protection for our congregation.

There are other things we can all do. We must contact our government representatives of all levels; community level, borough level, city level, state level and federal level. Anyone you can think of…write them, email them, call them. Tell them that we are relying on them, as our elected officials, to take immediate and strong action against every form of anti-Semitism. They must make it publically and unequivocally clear that any form or level of anti-Semitism will not be tolerated!

We also must keep our tradition, culture & Jewish life strong and alive. We must educate our children and grandchildren, bring them to shul on Shabbat, bring them to Jewish events so they will carry on our Jewish traditions and will be the Jewish leaders of tomorrow. We need to show the world that we are unified as a community and as a people.

We must let the world know that we will not allow any group or any individual to break us. We must show the world that we are a kind and compassionate people and at the same-time, we are strong and determined. NEVER AGAIN!

Let us stand together as ONE!

See you in Shul. B’shalom.

Cantorially always,

Cantor Sol Zim