Jewish Broadcasting Service (JBS) Spreading Jewish Education, Culture & Thought

I am an official JBS Groupie! Before my interview in January with Rabbi Mark Golub on JBS’s L’CHAYIM, I did not have JBS in my cable package but once I was called by Rabbi Golub’s office to come to his studio in Fort Lee, NJ for an interview, I called Spectrum and although they made it difficult for me to add JBS to my package, I was determined and made it happen. Once I started to watch the programs, I was hooked!

This station is not like any other. It is a truly all encompassing, all-inclusive, extremely informative, educational, entertaining, nostalgic, moving, warm & beautifully Jewish Network. They provide Jewish Education, from learning the Aleph Bet to listening to lectures about so many different subjects. JBS (led by Rabbi Mark Golub) has a fantastically huge variety of Jewish programming…they broadcast lectures, debates (that amicably cover all viewpoints), concerts, interviews with Jewish Leaders/Rabbis/Cantors/Performers/Actors/Composers, Movie/TV/Broadway Producers & Directors, they carry live streamed Friday Night Kabbalat Shabbat Services from Central Synagogue in Manhattan, Movies with Jewish themes & backgrounds, Memorial programs, Hebrew Classes, Israel News, etc. etc. etc.

Rabbi Golub is one of the warmest & most insightful individuals I have ever met. His love & knowledge of Jewish History, Jewish Culture, Jewish Music, Jewish Tradition & Jewish thought is remarkable. He is able to consider both sides of the aisle while maintaining his own view. He is sincerely respectful and understanding of the many different backgrounds & denominations that encompass the Jewish people. He is passionate about our Jewish legacy, our customs & traditions and he is steadfastly devoted to our beloved State of Israel. He is inspiring, motivating, and a true Mensch!

Next time you are in front of the television, turn to JBS, check the guide to see what is listed on their programming and set aside some time to take a Jewish Journey, whether by movie, lecture or concert. You too will become hooked. JBS, the Jewish Broadcasting Service, is a non-profit television network covering Jewish life & learning. It is based here in the Tri State area and aired across the U.S.

As we get closer to Mother’s Day, I want to personally thank all of our Mothers/Mamas/Moms/(אמא)/Grandmas & Great Grandmas…for being the rock in our lives, the shoulder we lean on and the ones we run to for comfort & love. A Jewish mother is like a security blanket…she lives, breathes, cries, laughs and sacrifices for her family. Happy Mother’s Day!

See you in Shul.

Cantorially always,

Cantor Sol Zim