A Cure For Our Winter Blues

Winter is upon us. The air is frigid, days are short, snow is always lurking in the background…yet I am comforted and my heart is warm when I enter the doors of our Synagogue and feel the love & warmth. I hear…“Sol, come talk to me, I want to show you something”…“Cantor, my granddaughter just had a baby”…“Sol, have a piece of chocolate cake”…”Sol, how’s June”? The warmth, love & friendship that I feel when I walk through the front (or side) door of HHBJC, or at our wonderful Kiddush after Shabbat services (thank you Tony), is so special. Why am I telling you this? As I said when I started this article, winter is upon us, we tend to stay home more during winter, we keep an eye on the weather forecasts. Well, I have a cure for the winter blues…COME TO SHUL! Come join us for Shabbat morning services, enjoy a delicious Kiddush after we Daven together, come to a class, come visit the shul, stop by the office,  just say hello. Remember, our shul is our second home.

Want to give you the heads up. Last week, I was interviewed by Rabbi Mark Golub (President & CEO of JBS, Jewish Broadcasting Service, formerly “Shalom TV”). He is an exceptional human being. He is incredibly warm, compassionate, intelligent, devoted to our Jewish heritage and to Jewish culture. He brings so many wonderful programs to our homes on his JBS network. We sat together for hours. He actually airs our Gala Concert (from Lefrak Concert Hall, with full symphony) on JBS quite often. I hope that you enjoyed the show that was aired.


Our ”LEARN TO LEAD SERVICES (DAVEN)” classes are continuingWednesday evenings at 8:00 PM, FEB. 27th, MARCH 6th, MARCH 13th. All are welcome!

Come join our fun filled “YIDDISH CLUB”. We will have a blast learning a bisel, laughing a bisel and noshing a bisel.  All are welcome! Wednesday evening at 8:00 PM, APRIL 3rd.

June and I want to share with all of you the happiness we carry in our hearts as we tell you that our oldest grandson, Jonathan Zim (Craig & Erica’s son), is about to be married. We will be going to Florida in mid-February where the Ufruf and wedding will take place. We are thrilled that our grandson Jonathan has found such a lovely & warm young woman, Hillary. They adore each other and respect each other tremendously. They are both loving, warm, kind & respectful. Jonathan is an attorney in Miami and Hilary is studying to be a Speech Therapist. We pray they share a happy & healthy life together as they spread their love & compassion to others.

See you in Shul.

Cantorially always,

Cantor Sol Zim