Some Points of Interest & HHBJC Happenings to Share

In early October it was announced that Arthur Ashkin, Ph.D, 96 years old, born in Brooklyn and Jewish, won the Nobel Prize in Physics. He shared the prize with two of his colleagues. He was awarded this honor for his groundbreaking work on optical tweezers (optical trapping). It is described as the method of using light to capture tiny objects.  Arthur Ashkin is the oldest Nobel Laureate to win the prize. Some of you probably already heard of this but I thought I would share it with you as I am always proud to know that one of our fellow Jews has contributed so much to society & humanity.

I also want to share a tidbit…for those of you who have Spectrum (formerly Time Warner Cable) as their Cable provider, as I do, I was happy to learn that they are now offering JBS (the “Jewish Broadcasting Service” station) which is on channel 219. For the past few years so many of my friends & family have been calling me whenever they see our concert being aired on JBS. JBS has been airing our Gala Concert that took place at Queens College Lefrak Concert Hall, with full symphony. However, since TWC/Spectrum was not carrying this station, so many of us could not enjoy. I am pleased to know that now we can enjoy the great programs JBS offers, on Channel 219 on Spectrum, so look out for it….

Reminder of some dates…

Get ready for the extension of our Yiddish Classes. Come join our fun filled “YIDDISH CLUB”. We will have a blast learning a bisel, laughing a bisel and noshing a bisel . ALL ARE WELCOME!! Wednesday evenings at 8:00 PM, OCT. 24th & NOV. 28th.

We also have our ”LEARN TO LEAD SERVICES (DAVEN)” coming up.  This will be a special time we can share together!  COME JOIN US! ALL ARE WELCOME! Wednesday evenings at 8:00 PM, OCT. 31st, NOV. 7th & NOV. 14th.

Heads up…our ”HHBJC ANNUAL FAMILY/ COMMUNITY CHANUKAH DINNER” will be held on SUNDAY, DECEMBER 9th @ 5:00 PM.  It is being organized and arranged by our fantastic and dear MARIS BLECHNER with those who so lovingly volunteer to help. Let us celebrate The Festival of Lights together. It will be lots of FUN for CHILDREN & ADULTS alike. There will be an artist doing FACE PAINTING (by the way; not just for kids)!! There will also be a JELLY BEAN COUNTING and there will be DELICIOUS FOOD (CHINESE BUFFET)!!  Yours truly will of course be singing some Chanukah songs and I look forward to lighting the Chanukah candles and singing the blessings together with you. There will be something for EVERYONE…PARENTS, CHILDREN, GRANDPARENTS, GRANDCHILDREN, SINGLES, COUPLES, FRIENDS…COME AND LET’S ENJOY TOGETHER!  

See you in Shul.

Cantorially always,
Cantor Sol Zim