Music for the Heart & Soul Jewish Talent Hits Broadway

I would like to share with all of you the beautiful moment I recently experienced at the Cantors Assembly Convention a few weeks ago, which took place in West Palm Beach, Florida. Although we were right near the beach, we stayed indoors, going from session to session, filled with music, interesting lectures, tradition and friendship. We were about 150 Cantors from all over the country. Each night there was a musical event and the last night of the convention they held a concert at Temple Emanu-El of Palm Beach where my friend David Feuer is the Cantor. It was a Musical Tribute to Israel at 70. As they were about to begin the concert, I suddenly felt everyone’s eyes turn to look at me. I could not understand what was going on. “What did I do?” There were about 500 people plus 150 Cantors in the sanctuary and everyone turned their face toward me. Then I heard the music start playing the opening to my Avinu Shebashamayim. The entire audience sang together with the Cantor & Choir on stage. What an emotional moment for me. It warmed my heart and soul! So many things were going through my mind. I was thinking of our beloved State of Israel, the collective beautiful voices singing the poignant words of this prayer. It was a precious moment that touched everyone. When the piece was over, they respectfully acknowledged and thanked me for bringing this music to the Jewish world. I had tears streaming down my cheek.

I want to thank you, my beloved congregation. As I always tell you, whenever I write a piece of liturgical music, I always sing it in our shul first. I try to sense how you receive it and how easy it would be for congregants o learn it. When I see you tap your feet or sway from side to side and sing along…I know it’s time to present it to the rest of the Jewish world. Thank you for being by my side!

I want to give a shout-out to all who joined my Learn to Lead Services class. We had so much fun and I am so proud of all of you. Great Job!  We will be continuing our Learn to Lead Services class in the Fall.

By the way…I am not sure how many of you had the chance to watch the Tony Awards. June and I watched much of it, since we heard there were going to be a number of Jewish nominees. I was so proud to see so many of our people up for a Tony and I was also thrilled to hear about so many of our fellow Jews who are very well respected and successful in the Broadway/Musical world. Just to name a few…For the show The Band’s Visit” Ariel Stachel was nominated for lead supporting actor, Itamar Moses  was nominated for best book of a musical, for the show “SpongeBob Square Pants”, Ethan Slater, was nominated for best leading actor in a musical and for the show “Angels in America”, Tina Landau was nominated for best director of a musical, etc, etc. It’s so nice to see so many of our own being acknowledged & honored for their work in the Arts.

Have a nice summer. See you in Shul.

Cantorially always,

Cantor Sol Zim