Celebrating Israel’s 70th Anniversary-Shabbat Service & Kiddish on May 5th In Honor of Rabbi Joe & Chana Simckes

Seventy years since the establishment of our beloved State of Israel. What an incredible milestone!

Celebrations have been taking place across the entire Jewish world. Israel has been singing, dancing & beaming with pride. Jews of all ages & backgrounds are in a “state of Simcha”. Our Jewish Homeland is strong & vibrant! 

I was touched and so honored to hear that my Avinu Shebashamayim was sung at a huge celebration in Israel at the Kotel last week. I was told there were thousands of people (a Sea of people), wall to wall, all singing the Avinu at the top of their lungs. It was streamed on EARTHCAM.COM I can imagine what an emotional experience that must have been.

All of the Jewish Leaders, Haganah, Zionists, Holocaust survivors & all who fought to create the establishment of the State of Israel, are now watching from above with tremendous pride, love & gratitude that we have all taken part in keeping our State of Israel alive & thriving. With all the threats Israel faces from her surrounding neighbors, with such a tiny piece of land and small population, with all the ridicule and dissention she faces from countries & societies across the world, she stands strong and in just 70 years, the State of Israel has become a leader in the world of technology, science, economics, and so much more. Our amazing State of Israel is one of the most advanced countries in Research & Development, Start-Up companies as well as growth and advancement in Agricultural and Industrial areas. I know we are all proud!

Let us celebrate the State of Israel’s 70th Birthday with love, pride and joy and let us pray for her safety & security.

Speaking of Israel…you may know that our dear and beloved Rabbi Emeritus H. Joseph Simckes and his wonderful wife Chana will be making full Aliyah. SAVE THE DATESaturday, Shabbat, MAY 5th, we will have a Kiddush Celebration in honor of Rabbi Joe & Chana at HHBJC as we wish him a safe journey to Aliyah. Everyone is invited! Let us shower him with our warmth & love as he showered us with his warmth, love and leadership as our Rabbi. We are so fortunate to now have Rabbi David Wise as our spiritual leader, a man of such fine character, respect for others & inspiration. 

Come join us at this very special Shabbat Service & Kiddush to say Thank you to Rabbi Simckes for all the warm & loving memories he has given us as a congregation. I cannot thank him enough for giving this congregation such love, respect & honor. I personally had so many beautiful years sharing the pulpit with Rabbi Simckes and witnessing his innovative ideas and his ability to heal & rebuild community. I look forward to seeing all of you on Saturday, May 5th at our Shabbat Service to be followed by a beautiful Kiddush in honor of Rabbi Joe & Chana Simckes.

See you in Shul.

Cantorially always,
Cantor Sol Zim