We Honor & Celebrate Our Beloved Rabbi David Wise on his Bar Mitzvah Year with our Congregation

Our beloved Rabbi David Wise is a very special and unique Rabbi and Individual. He is not only my Co-Clergy Partner but he is also my friend. He is a man of fine character who treats others with respect and kindness. I feel true comradery with Rabbi Wise and I am honored to share the Bima (Pulpit) with him at our shul.

Rabbi Wise is a brilliant scholar who constantly teaches us something new and stimulates our thinking and quenches our thirst for knowledge and Jewish study. His weekly Shabbat Messages are always interesting and captivating and allows us to better understand the Parshat HaShavuah and truly feel the meaning of our Torah. “Rabbi Wise’s Study Corner” is a wonderful opportunity for the congregation to experience and take part in the Rabbi’s series of ongoing talks & reflections on Jewish thought and Prayers. Rabbi Wise’s “Lunch & Learns” is another special opportunity we are fortunate to have from our Rabbi to learn, ponder and expand our knowledge. Yes…Rabbi Wise delves us into thought and gives us a new interesting perspective on Jewish learning. HHBJC is truly a center for Education and Learning. Thank you Rabbi Wise for always giving us the tools and resources to continuously learn and attain knowledge.

Rabbi Wise is a true mensch, a devoted friend and we can always rely on him. I will never forget how our Rabbi made it to my house in the blink of an eye this past August, driving all the way from Toronto, cutting his visit with his family short, in order to be by my side while I was sitting Shiva for my brother Milton. He wasn’t due back in NY for another few days but when he heard of my brother’s passing he immediately hit the road back to Hollis Hills. Judy, his wife, was at the funeral and then Rabbi Wise was at my house within a day. I will never forget that.

Rabbi Wise is a wonderful husband and father. His wife Judy (our Rebbetzin) is Associate Director of Student Development & Leadership at Queens College and their two lovely children Jordana Nechama and Elijah Mordechai are dedicated to Judaism and their love of Israel. In fact, Jordana just made Aliyah and was inducted into the Israeli Army.

I don’t know if you are all aware of the fact that Rabbi Wise is also very musical. On every prayer that I chant, Rabbi Wise harmonizes with me in such a professional and melodic fashion. I once asked him where does this harmonic musical ability come from. His answer was that he learned it from his father as his father was a member of a choir for many years. 

As you can see, I have tremendous respect, admiration and love of our Rabbi. I want to remind everyone to SAVE THE DATE…Our SIMCHA 2018 DINNER DANCE will take place SATURDAY NIGHT, MARCH 10th at 8:00 PM, in our ballroom where we will honor our dear and much loved RABBI DAVID WISE as he celebrates his 13th year Anniversary as our Rabbi, Friend and Teacher. The Dinner Dance is being chaired by Michael Wolkofsky (past President of our congregation). Mazal Tov David! Thank you for your leadership & guidance!  

Call the Synagogue office at 718-776-3500  or stop by the shul, to reserve your seats. This will be a beautiful evening filled with love and friendship as we pay tribute to our Rabbi, David Wise. Don’t miss this Celebration. It will be a night to remember!

See you in Shul.

Cantorially always,
Cantor Sol Zim