HHBJC Celebrates Community & Chanukah – The Survival Story of One of Our Members

Wow…our HHBJC ANNUAL FAMILY/ COMMUNITY DINNER, which did actually fall on Chanukah this year, was fantabulous! Thank you to our very special MARIS BLECHNER and her fantastic ENGAGEMENT TEAM for putting together such a fun filled, delicious and festive celebration. THE LANDAU FAMILY BAND (Arnie and his two sons Jeremy and David) amaze me every time I have the pleasure of experiencing their talent. They are so musical and so gifted! The food was delicious! We finished our plates clean and then went up for seconds. Thank you to our RABBI WISE for starting the evening off with the lighting of the Chanukah Candles. We had a great turn out with community, family, neighbors and friends. It was a special evening filled with music, singing, great food, tradition and togetherness. I was happy to close our beautiful community dinner by singing some Chanukah songs. There was something for everyone! want to also say Thank You and Happy Birthday to TONY, who is always there for us.  Thank you to all!

**MEMBER NEWS** …I am so proud to let you all know that our beloved member and my dear friend, SAM SOLASZ, finished writing his book, titled “ANGEL OF THE GHETTO” and it is NOW available on AMAZON.   

“Angel of the Ghetto” shares the incredible story of Sam Solasz, his extraordinary journey of courage and resourcefulness and his unwavering determination to survive.  Sam’s story is a true inspiration. While witnessing unimaginable hatred and inhumanity, Sam found the strength and bravery to escape, survive and live on. It was in the Bialystok Ghetto that Sam Solasz became known as “The Angel of the Ghetto.” He would sneak in and out of the Ghetto multiple times each day, risking his life to find food and anything else that might help him and others. He ultimately jumped from the speeding cattle car train that was transporting him and his family to Treblinka, running as fast as he could to the forest while being shot at. How he finally made his way to America, you will read in the book. He and Rose met in 1956 while ice-skating at Madison Square Garden and with Rose, Sam found a new start.  Sam is now sharing his story with the entire world. Over the years, I have spent many hours sitting and talking with Sam and hearing about his incredible journey. I am always glued to his every word and in awe of his tenacity. With Rose, Sam created a beautiful life filled with family, goodness, love, community and Jewish Tradition. His story is one you will never forget!

AMAZON is waiting for you to log on and to place your orders…you should type in Angel of the Ghetto by Sam Solasz and you will find it.  As you read his book, you will experience Sam’s first-hand account of the Nazi atrocities and his resolve of never giving up. After you read the book, I can’t wait to talk with all of you about it. I’m sure we will all be in amazement as to what Sam went through and how he found his way to Hollis Hills.

Stay Warm. 

See you in Shul. 

Cantorially always,

Cantor Sol Zim