Wonderful Things Are Happening at HHBJC

It’s Thanksgiving time! You know me; I don’t take anything for granted. I ponder, I reflect, I reminisce and I look ahead…Thanksgiving is a day I truly think about what I am grateful for. I am grateful to my family, for their unconditional love & support and I think about my beloved congregation (my HHBJC family) and it puts warmth in my heart. Although life could sometimes be difficult, let us be thankful and cherish the good things in our lives and be grateful for one another, as these good thoughts will comfort us when we are facing adversity. Happy Thanksgiving to everyone!

Our Yiddish classes were a huge hit!  We laughed & kibitzed so much! We took a journey together filled with laughter and ventured into the thinking of a Yiddishe Kup…The turnout was fantastic! We enjoyed learning some great Yiddish idiomatic expressions and came to realize that Yiddish is like no other language. Just one word or a tiny phrase can explain and help you envision an entire scenario, situation or story. The noshes were pretty good too! I loved sharing this special time with you. I am thinking of creating a Yiddish Club…an extension of our Yiddish classes.


Our  ”HHBJC ANNUAL FAMILY/COMMUNITY CHANUKAH DINNER” will be held on SUNDAY, DECEMBER 17th @ 5:00 PM.  It is being organized and arranged by our incredible ENGAGEMENT TEAM headed by our dear MARIS BLECHNER. It will actually take place during Chanukah this year so we will celebrate The Festival of Lights together.     

It will be lots of FUN for CHILDREN & ADULTS alike. I am so excited that the **LANDAU FAMILY BAND** (our own HHBJC family) will be back to bring us the sounds of their DYNAMITE music. Arnie Landau (Dad), together with his sons Jeremy and David are FANTASTIC and EXTREMELY TALENTED! Our Engagement Team has also set up an ARTIST who will be doing FACE PAINTING (and not just for kids)! There will also be JELLY BEAN COUNTING…and of course, there will be DELICIOUS FOOD (CHINESE BUFFET)!  I look forward to lighting the Chanukah candles with you, singing the blessings together and singing some Chanukah songs. There will be something for EVERYONE…PARENTS, CHILDREN, GRANDPARENTS, GRANDCHILDREN, SINGLES, COUPLES, FRIENDS…EVERYONE will enjoy!   

If you have not yet reserved your seats for the Family/Community Chanukah Dinner, CALL THE SYNAGOGUE OFFICE NOW at 718-776-3500 to reserve. Let us enjoy Chanukah together! 

I want to take this opportunity to express how proud I was of our wonderful SISTERHOOD who put together a beautiful ”Torah Fund Breakfast”. Congratulations to LINDA LIEDERMAN, this years’ honoree. Linda (beloved long time member and wife of our President Arthur Liederman) is so deserving of this honor. She is a fantastic Torah Reader, Haftorah Reader and also does Hagbah (lifting of our Torah). She is also our incredible Congregational Nurse. Thank you, Linda, for all you do!!  Thank you to Carol Lieber, last years’ honoree, for helping to arrange this event, together with the other members of Sisterhood. It was beautiful!

Stay warm…Feels like winter is heading our way.

See you in Shul. 

Cantorially always,

Cantor Sol Zim