Thank You All! Looking Ahead to 5778

As I remember my brother Milton, I am also filled with sincere gratitude and love for all of you, my HHBJC family (and I mean “family”). You truly rallied around me with your presence, support, compassion, friendship, love & generosity, as I was mourning the loss of my oldest brother Milton. I want to thank all of you for truly being there for me, June, and my entire Zim/Zimelman family as we said goodbye to my brother. You all made sure that I had a minyan every morning and every night in my home. You arranged meals and made sure there was plenty of food in my house. You sat by my side and my brother Sidney & Paul’s side and shared your warmth and love! You re-enforced what I already knew…that our HHBJC family are truly there for one another, through thick and thin, good times and bad, in sorrow and joy. Thank you also for giving me the opportunity to share with you the many memories of my brother, both at the funeral and during shiva. I wanted to share with you all what a special person Milton was and although he had a very difficult and challenging life, he was a good person and a good brother and I will miss him dearly. June and I thank you all from the bottom of our hearts!  

As life moves on, I now look ahead and am planning programs for our upcoming year 5778…

Originally, I was planning to have our GALA CONCERT in the Fall, but have decided to hold it in the Spring (probably in May). Date will be announced as soon as it is firmed up.

 Get ready for some more of our fun filled and unique YIDDISH CLASSES. We will laugh until we PLATZ and we will KIBBITZ a lot, as we learn A BISEL, laugh A BISEL and definitely NOSH A BISEL. Classes will start after Succot. Dates to be announced during the High Holidays. Look for the fliers to be distributed in shul.

I am also planning our LEARN TO DAVEN program. I know how much many of you love to sing during the services, now you will have the opportunity to learn how to lead a service. This will be a special time we can share together!  These dates also to be announced during the holidays.

As we approach the High Holidays, I will be touching base with many of you as I do each year. I look forward to chatting and catching up with you.

June and I would like to wish each and every one of you, our HHBJC family, and your families, A VERY HAPPY, HEALTHY & SWEET NEW YEAR, filled with GOOD HEALTH & PEACE. We love you!


See you in Shul.

Cantorially always,
Cantor Sol Zim