Great Happenings at HHBJC

What a fun and fabulous February we all shared at HHBJC. True, we had a mini snow storm on February 2nd but we pushed away the snow and enjoyed a spectacular weekend filled with much community fun, delicious food, tradition, customs & football.

The weekend started out with a beautiful Shabbat morning, all sharing our TU B’SHVAT SEDER LUNCH & LEARN. The turnout was double of what we had anticipated. It was fantabulous! Everyone had so much fun, sharing the delicious delicacies on our Tu B’shvat Seder tables, all bought & scouted by Henry Gerber & organized on platters by Dana Johnston. We enjoyed many different fruits and nuts, etc. and enjoyed a delicious lunch together. It was such a wonderful Shabbat experience as we indulged in the Traditions of Tu B’shvat and the warmth of friendship and community. Thank you to Tony for set up and helping.

The next morning, Sunday, we had the WORLD WIDE WRAP, hosted by our HHBJC Men’s Club and the Men’s Club from ICCJ. The Hebrew School’s older grades were invited to attend. A Sunday Breakfast followed with all you could eat…Bagels, lox, etc. It was wonderful to see everyone “wrapping” T’fillin & davening together. Thank you to our men’s club and to Bob Fogel for arranging & preparing such an extravagant delicious breakfast.

That evening, was MEN’S CLUB SUPERBOWL BBQ. Wow! The food was great with hot dogs, hamburgers, chicken wings, salads, chips, dessert, etc. I personally do not usually get excited about a game but oh boy…what an exciting Super Bowl that was! Again, thank you to our men’s club and to Bob Fogel for arranging & putting everything together so we could enjoy the game as a community, together.

During the recent Sisterhood Shabbat, I saw some wonderful talented women reading the Torah & leading portions of the service…I am giving a call out to those who would like to learn or brush up on “Leading a Shabbat Service”. Take it from me, it is very gratifying to stand on the Bima, look out at the beautiful faces of our beloved congregants and know that you are leading them in prayer. All you need to know is to read the Hebrew & I’ll teach you the rest. I would love to share this joy with you. Give me a call or let the office know if you would like to take part in our “Davening” class.  I promise, it won’t just be a learning experience… it will be loads of fun too – like our Yiddish class. After the davening is over, we will have a little nosh together.

SAVE THE DATE…Maris Blechner and her wonderful committee are preparing a magnificent SHABBAT ACROSS AMERICA at HHBJC which will take place Friday Night, MARCH 3rd and will start with the KABALLAT SHABBAT SERVICE at 5:35 PM with music & song, and a beautiful SHABBAT DINNER to be served at 6:45 PM. Come and join us. Rabbi Wise and I can’t wait to see you there! Thank you Maris Blechner & her Committee for putting together this special event. Call the Synagogue office (718-776-3500 x 0) and reserve your seats. You do not want to miss this! Come & join us.

By the way, regards from “THE HOLLIS HILLERS SOUTH” who moved to Florida. June just recently enjoyed dinner with the Hollis Hills Florida Crew and had so much fun and laughs. Once a “Hollis Hiller”, always a “Hollis Hiller”.

See you in Shul.

Cantorially always,

Cantor Sol Zim