Yiddish is Alive and Kicking at HHBJC

The Yiddish language is going through a kind of “rebirth”, it’s making a “comeback”. Many universities across the country are offering Yiddish classes, like; Berkeley, Binghamton, Columbia, Gratz, NYU & Rutgers, just to name a few. In fact, some of the programs offer various levels of their Yiddish classes (elementary, intermediate & advanced). The idiomatic expressions of our Yiddish language are so expressive & colorful and will always remain part of our Jewish legacy.

Our two Yiddish classes were tons of fun! It was a journey down memory lane, full of nostalgia, belly laughs and yes, even a few tears of joy. We learned some Yiddish phrases & jokes we might not have heard before and laughed at the innuendoes & underlying meaning behind some of the words. Our Yiddish language is powerful! Just a couple of words can mean so much. Actually, just one word, a simple kvetch like “oy” can sum it all up! When you hear someone say “this place is really farkakte” you can envision what this place looks like, a real mess.

I hope that we can all keep the Yiddish expressions alive. Use it in your conversations… Instead of “oh no”…say “Oy vey zmir”. When your children or grandchildren go off to college, tell them to register for a Yiddish class.

It was a pleasure for me to lead these classes. It was a fantastic turn-out and we had so much fun !! We all shared Belly Laughs and lots of memories! It was a great experience.

REMINDER…Our GALA CELEBRATION CONCERTSunday, December 4th at 3pmHere at our Synagogue.

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 Have a wonderful Chanukah !  Enjoy some Sufganiyot

See you in Shul. 

Cantorially always,
Cantor Sol Zim