Our Journey For the New Year

I am now sitting at my desk in my home putting together some of my thoughts as we approach the New Year. In the background, I can hear the tumult downstairs…June is starting to prepare for the holidays and as she finalizes the menu, she is taking stock of what she already has and putting together a list of what she needs to get. Oy…what a list! If I gain another 5 pounds, you’ll understand. The only thing I asked her to make sure we have is honey…I love the custom of the new fruit with honey and I always keep some on the side for challah. Delicious & Traditional! I am praying for a sweet year for all of us!

As we approach the New Year (5777) I find myself reflecting on the past year with tremendous warmth, nostalgia as well as incredible hope for the future. It was a beautiful and rewarding year for our congregation. I had just completed celebrating my Jubilee year at my beloved Synagogue and I will never forget the beautiful times we shared together during the Dinner Dance, Concerts, etc. Now we are embarking on a new phase as we join with our friends of the Bayside Jewish Center and set sail together on our new journey as the Hollis Hills Bayside Jewish Center (HHBJC). Thank you to all for making this happen! As I said before, I believe this was BASHERT!  It took some time but now we are one family!

I want to take this time to remember the very dear and precious members whom we lost this past year. They were very special people who were an integral part of our congregational family for many years and they will surely be missed and remembered. May Hashem watch over them as they rest in peace.

As we plan the New Year, I would like to give you some dates to mark in your Calendars. **SAVE THE DATE** Our GALA CONCERT will be held on SUNDAY, DECEMBER 4th at 3:00 PM. I have some surprises planned for this concert. Not only will we experience and hear some beautiful voices in song (Yours truly included), with an array of eclectic musical genres, but get ready for some hilarious laughter! This concert will not only be a Musical Extravaganza but it will also be an afternoon filled with humor & laughter!  Reserve the date in your calendars…SUNDAY, DECEMBER 4th at 3PM. Location to be announced soon.

Many people have been asking me when we will have more of our Yiddish Classes…Well, it’s happening…*SAVE THE DATES*…Our Yiddish classes will take place on MONDAY, NOVEMBER 7th and MONDAY, NOVEMBER 14th, both at 8:00 PM in the Menchel Hall at the Temple. We will laugh until we platz as we learn a bisel, laugh a bisel and nosh a bisel . OY VEY!

I am so glad to have the opportunity to speak with so many of you this time of year! While asking for your support of our Temple, we have had the chance to catch up and schmooze a little. Thank you all for your support and incredible generosity! HHBJC is a unique congregation filled with community, prayer, spirituality, friendship, tradition & love.

June and I, our children, Craig & Erica, Eric and Idit and my grandsons, in age order…Jonathan, Jordan, Justin, Ryan & Jared,  wish all of our Hollis Hills Bayside Jewish Center family, A HAPPY, HEALTHY & SWEET NEW YEAR, filled with GOOD HEALTH & PEACE!


See you in Shul.

Cantorially always,
Cantor Sol Zim