July-August Sisterhood News

Shalom. The sunny, warm days of summer are now here. Our last meeting was a great success. We had fun singing karaoke, and we got moving with line dancing, while drinking punch and eating scrumptious desserts. Our sisterhood members bonded and we can truly call ourselves “Sisters from the Hood.” I look forward to this good feeling continuing in the fall.

I am pleased to announce that Lisa Azo will be serving as my co-president. We are grateful to Maris Blechner who will continue as our secretary. Although Beth Diker has completed her presidency, she has graciously agreed to be our treasurer. Marilyn Seidenfeld volunteered to be our Gift Shop “go to” person. Thank you all for stepping up and congratulations on your positions. Although we have an outstanding board, we believe that teamwork is the best approach to success and invite all of you to join us at the planning meeting and general events. We have scheduled a summer planning meeting for August 24th. Please feel free to come up with ideas and plans.

Very soon you will be seeing flyers for our popular fundraiser called “Honey from the Heart.” This involves personalized decorative jars of honey for Rosh Hashanah for your own table, as well as gifts to others. Watch for the details, which will be available soon.

Maris Blechner will open up our paid membership brunch tentatively set for September 18th. She will be including a reprise of her talk given at the Moth on public radio.

I am very pleased to inform you that our Torah Fund honoree will be our past president and active member who worked tirelessly for Sisterhood, Carol Lieber.  We hope to see you at the brunch on November 13th.

We are planning other exciting, interesting, informative, and fun programs for next year. Details will be forthcoming in the fall. Please join us.

Have a great summer.

Marilyn Teleky
Co-president of Sisterhood