June 2016 Sisterhood News

Shalom. The nice weather is finally upon us. What a great time to reflect on the wonderful past year of Sisterhood events. Our October paid-up membership brunch was a great success. We learned how to stay healthy through our life cycles by listening to Lois Brafman, nurse practitioner. The fall also included the Torah Fund brunch honoring Audrey Shepherd. Our cold winter was sweetened up by making chocolate goodies at our January event. Our very own Rita Plush shared with us her newest book “Feminine Products” in February. The Sisterhood Shabbat was a beautiful and fulfilling event in March. For Purim we again made our Shalach Manot. This time the new style baskets made Purim even more festive.  In April we ran a wonderful Women’s Seder, which was fun, educational, and inspirational. The Men’s Club and the Sisterhood united for a program by Mindy Stern entitled “Communicating With Style – How to be a More Effective Communicator. We practiced our communication as we ate a variety of Asian foods.

Our end of the year event takes place on Wednesday, June 15 at 8:00pm. We will have our favorite karaoke DJ Russell getting everyone to belt out their favorite songs. Also, don’t miss your last chance of the year to make some delicious chocolate at this fun filled event.

We have been meeting regularly to create a series of interesting, diverse programs for next year. Our ideas include inviting an artist to talk about and show her work, a jewelry maker to talk about the creative process and show her work, and a trip to a museum.  We are also thinking joining the Men’s Club for a country and western night. Please feel free to call me at 347-453-1189, if you have any great ideas of suggestions and want to help implement them. We will hold spontaneous planning meetings during the summer, so please look for information, and join us whenever you can.

I would like to thank all the women who helped conceptualize and implement our programs. Teamwork is a rewarding and productive way to keep Sisterhood fresh and energetic. Thanks again to those who worked with us this year and welcome to those new members and helpers who will work with us next year.

Finally, I would like to thank Beth Diker for her two years of passionate hard work and dedication as co-president of Sisterhood.

Have a great summer.

Marilyn Teleky
Co-President of Sisterhood