Special Shabbat at HHJC

Recently we experienced a very special weekend at HHJC. We shared a beautiful FRIDAY NIGHT SHABBAT ACROSS AMERICA. It was truly a unique happening filled with family, tradition, friendship & unity. There was such warmth radiating throughout our entire synagogue. Our Kabbalat Shabbat service was filled with prayer, spirituality & song. It was standing room only…couldn’t find an empty seat in the White Chapel. Everyone sang Shalom Aleichem together in true harmony. We then joined for a delicious Shabbat dinner. There was the “head” of each table who performed the rituals; blessing, kiddush, Ha-Motzi, etc. We also had designated people at each table who made sure that the food was ready so that we could all dig in. It was a true family like, participatory experience. This Friday Night Shabbat re-enforced how special and unique we are as a community. We are solid, unified and there for each other and our tradition. Thank you to Maris Blechner & Marilyn Teleky for all their superb arrangements and making it happen! Thank you to our Rabbi Wise for his words of inspiration and I am glad I had the opportunity to teach you a new tune (zemer) for Yom Ze Mechubad…which I specifically composed for this special Shabbat at HHJC.

To follow, we had our SISTERHOOD SHABBAT which was also a spectacular experience.  Many of our beloved members (women, of course) led the Shabbat services, from Birchat Hashachar, Psukei D’zimrah, Shacharit, Beginning (Opening) of Torah Service , Aliyot, Chatsi Kaddish, Prayer for Healing, Prayer for Captives, Hagbah (lifting and showing of the Torah), Gelilah (tying the Torah), Maftir, Prayer for the U.S., Prayer for the State of Israel & Musaf and more. A unique group of HHJC’s extremely capable, devoted and talented female members took charge and led our entire service. I thoroughly enjoyed working with  them before Shabbat to go over the davening. They are incredible! I know the Rabbi also worked with this special crew. Thank you to all who participated. I was so proud of everyone! Thank you to our fantastic Sisterhood Co-Presidents, Beth Sofer Diker & Marilyn Teleky, for organizing such a beautiful Shabbat. Thank you also to Maris Blechner for ordering and arranging the delicious food and choosing just the right stuff.

Let us continue to celebrate and share together in good health!

June and I would like to wish everyone a Zeesen Pesach!

See you in shul.

Cantorially always,

Cantor Sol Zim