October 2015 Sisterhood News

Shalom.  Sisterhood has planned many educational, social and even spiritual events for this year.  We have had regular planning meetings through the summer and fall to ensure quality programs. I am pleased to inform you that we have a core of about 20 women who attend our monthly planning meetings. With enthusiasm and team work, our Sisterhood will be able to provide excellent programming and opportunities to socialize and to support our community, as a whole. Stay tuned for the dates of planning meetings via the constant contact emails.

Sisterhood has had a late start in programming this year due to the earlier than usual Jewish holidays. We finally had our kickoff, event which was our paid up membership brunch, on October 18th. We were very lucky to be addressed by Lois Brafman who spoke about women’s health issues. Her talk was both educational and entertaining. The food was plentiful and delicious.

We are looking forward to our Torah Fund Brunch on November 8th at 10 AM. Our Torah Fund Honoree for this year will be our past president, Audrey Sheperd. As we all know, she served as Sisterhood Co-President for 2 consecutive terms and worked tirelessly. The Torah Fund which is an integral part of sisterhood and National Women’s league of Conservative Judaism allows us a direct avenue to support Conservative Judaism and The Jewish Theological Seminary. This year we have been promised an upbeat, JTS student speaker who will entertain and educate us to life at JTS. Please come and honor Audrey while supporting JTS and Torah Fund. If you have any questions, please contact Maris Blechner, the Chairperson of this event or Marilyn Teleky, Co-President.  Our newly stocked and enhanced gift shop will be open after this event as well as many others. Please spend some time looking at our new items and shopping eagerly. Thank you, Marilyn Seidenfeld, for using your artistic eye to help beautify our gift shop.

Our first winter event, which will be a chocolate making party in our own Menchel Hall, will take place on Sunday, January 10th at 2PM. We will be making and eating chocolate goodies and washing them down with the beverage of your choice. Please contact the co-presidents to inform them what kind of drinks you prefer. We are hoping this event will help brighten up our moods as the weather gets colder.

Sisterhood Shabbat will take place on March 5th. Each year our members lead the service in any way they can. It has been very fulfilling watching our members increase or change their roles each year. Please volunteer for something with which you are comfortable or volunteer for something that is uncomfortable for you and we will help you become comfortable. Signup sheets will be available at all events. Rabbi Wise will provide instruction and support in Torah and Haftorah readings, while Cantor Zim will assist those who want to participate in another part of the service. We also need volunteers to introduce the Torah portion, the Haftorah and to provide a brief D’var Torah. As usual, a beautiful Kiddush luncheon will be provided after services.

On Sunday, March 20th, we are looking for volunteers to help put together our Shalach Manot (Purim Project Assembly) for distribution to our congregation on Purim.  We work assembly line style   (a la Lucy), and have had lots of fun doing this in the past. We will have a different style goody basket this year, due to the innovative work of Vicky Wolkofsky.  Maris Blechner continues to be our chairperson for ordering the Shalach Manot. Thanks, Vicky and Maris.

We will be continuing with our annual Women’s Seder which will take place on April 18th in the afternoon. Our chairperson for this event is Esther Beckoff who has volunteered her time and musical talent. Sisterhood has created a Haggaddah for its own use which makes the experience very personal. Please join us at this very special event.

On Sunday, May 15th, Men’s Club and Sisterhood are uniting for a program on “Communicating with Style-How to be a More Effective Communicator”. Mindy Stern will be our speaker. We will start at 11AM so that we can conclude with a sushi lunch.

Our year end event will take place on Wednesday, June 15th at 8 PM. We hope to have a “feel good” event like we ended with last year. There will be lots of sharing and laughter.

We are looking forward to seeing you at all of our events.

Beth Sofer Diker, Co-President
Marilyn Teleky , Co-President