A New Year Ahead

I hope everyone had a nice summer. On the very hot days, I must admit that I did indulge in a bit of Rocky Road ice cream…low fat of course. I also spent many hours sitting at the piano composing a lot of new music for my 18th book of Jewish/Synagogue Music. I hope you all know that my HHJC family is my R&D (research & development) Lab for the testing of my new compositions. I will teach them to you and we will enjoy together. These compositions & participatory synagogue melodies will start to be sung at synagogues across the country soon…but only after HHJC puts them into motion.

I would like to take this opportunity to give a very warm welcome to our new President, ARTHUR LIEDERMAN, a man and friend that I respect tremendously. We are so fortunate to have Arthur joining our leadership for a second time. He helped lead our congregation into the 21st century. He truly enhanced our Temple website into a fantastic site with his tremendous creativity and innovative ideas. Arthur is extremely bright and capable and is steadfastly devoted to our congregation and making sure HHJC remains one of the most vibrant Synagogues in the NYC area, filled with spirituality, learning, Jewish music, culture, tradition & love. He believes in the strength of community and the importance of ‘togetherness’. I am excited to have Arthur joining our team and wish him and his family good health!

Let us also remember all of our incredible past Presidents, most recent being PAUL REICH. I would like to say thank you and Yasher Koach to Paul. He took upon the leadership role of our shul with his full heart and soul. He always has our synagogue’s best interests in mind and his unwavering support, devotion & collaborative way is unique. He and his wife Rebecca are wonderful people and dear friends and will continue to be a vital part of our Synagogue!

We are extremely fortunate at HHJC to always have great leadership. Thank you to all!

I am now planning programs for the coming year. I will be putting together a CONCERT featuring many of my current and former cantorial students. They all encompass the love of Jewish Music and culture and are extremely talented. They can’t wait to come to HHJC and share beautiful music with us.  I am also bringing us a real treat. My friend, colleague and one of the world’s most well-known Cantor’s…CANTOR JACOB (JACKIE) MENDELSON, will treat us to his ONE MAN SHOW…called THE CANTOR’S COUCH (book by Mark Bieler). It is a journey through his real life stories growing up in the 1950’s in Brooklyn. The son of a loving deli owner and an overbearing mother, Cantor Mendelson paints the picture of his experiences and encounters. He recounts the story of a childhood riddled with anxiety and doubt, mixed with joyous memories of music and celebration — all told with the expertise and comic timing of a master storyteller. Get ready for some hilarious fun and maybe a few tears of nostalgia.

As I do this time of year, I look forward to speaking with many of you, and while asking for your support of our Temple, I am so happy to have the chance to catch-up with you and to hear about your families and to chat about life in general.

June and I would like to wish each and every one of you, and your families, A HAPPY, HEALTHY & SWEET NEW YEAR, filled with GOOD HEALTH & PEACE and as June always says…we wish for you what you wish for yourselves.


See you in Shul.

Cantorially always,
Cantor Sol Zim