Thank You

TODAH RABAH, THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!  I cannot adequately express how much I appreciate and cherish your support, friendship & love. HHJC is truly our family and each and every one of you is near and dear to June and I.

Where do I begin…From the moment I arrived to the shul for our SIMCHA 2015 DINNER DANCE, I could feel your warmth & affection encapsulate our entire Synagogue. The togetherness we all shared that night was a true testament to the unique & special character of our Congregation. I felt like I was in the midst of a dream as I listened to all the loving, kind words being shared with me that night. I rarely lose it…but sitting on the Bima, listening to everyone speak, I was completely choked up. My two sons, Rabbi Wise, Rabbi Simckes & our President Paul Reich, my brother Rabbi Sidney, my dear friends Danny Clivner & Donny Deutsch… all made me laugh, cry and realize how lucky I am to be surrounded by so much love and affection. We then went into the Ballroom and before I could blink, I was linked arm in arm on the dance floor with those I truly love; my HHJC family and all the Zims, dancing the horah and celebrating in the true spirit of our Jewish culture…with song & dance and a lot of good food.

Yasher Koach to Michael B. Wolkofsky (our Dinner Chairperson & Past President) for making the Dinner Dance an incredible success. You were fantastic! I very much enjoyed working with you. Thank you Paul Reich, our President, for your steadfast support to our shul, your guidance & collaboration. Thank you Rabbi Wise, my Pulpit partner and dear friend who brings us learning, inspiration, warmth & love. Thank you Rabbi Simckes, your heart always exudes love for your fellow man. You are my mentor and cherished friend. Thank you Nancy Morse & Lou Ann Boscarino…you really made everything come together. I also must thank all the leadership at HHJC, on every level (past and present), for your insight, your devotion, your hard work and love for our congregation. You are all true role models to the Jewish World as to what Community, Shalom Bayit & Tikkun Olam really mean.

I also want to thank my good friends Joel Katz & Peter Weiss of Prestige Caterers who went all out for us and satisfied our every craving. Everything was delicious!! Thank you for your friendship!  What beautiful flowers we had…thanks to my friend Chris of Stefans Florist and what fantastic music we had by SHIR SOUL with David Ross (they were spectacular!). My sincere appreciation to Tony for making sure everything was in place and taken care of. THANK YOU to each and every one of you who helped organize, support & attended this special celebration. It meant so much to me! To my Junie Moon, thank you for being by my side through life.

My dreams and aspirations for the future are enormous and boundless. I know that together we will ensure that HHJC remains one of the most vibrant and preeminent Synagogues in Queens, NY and beyond. Together, as a team, we at HHJC are strong! We are devoted to the legacy of our Jewish heritage & committed to the survival of our people and culture. We are a congregational family dedicated to each other and our community.

Let us take the journey, hand in hand together, keeping HHJC strong and vital. We have only just begun…

I am already planning next years’ programs and can’t wait to share more special moments together. I am here for you, as your Cantor and friend.


See you in Shul.

Cantorially always,
Cantor Sol Zim