More on Korah and Dominicans of Haitian Descent

On Shabbat, we compared the social protest of Korah–which was all about personal privilege–to that of my AJWS global justice fellowship in the Dominican Republic in our recent trip. I will be speaking more extensively about my experiences in the global justice fellowship in the weeks and months to come, and will also share my own contribution to the group journal when we fellows receive its final edition.

For now, I urge you to read this AJWS blog post by Lilach Shafir, one of the gifted educators who staffed out trip and guided the entire fellowship. It includes some powerful images of what we saw in the DR, and the courageous and inspirational people we met.

Step one to making social change is the raising of awareness. With more information at our disposal, we can express our deep concern in communication with our elected officials. I’d encourage you to support AJWS in its work to bring human rights to people in places where such rights are sometimes compromised, if not denied outright.

May we all have the courage to act.

Rabbi David Wise