Our Happenings & Simchas

Spring is now here and HHJC has its’ calendar filled with something for everyone…Yoga, Adult Education lectures, Simcha Shabbatot, Lunch & Learn Shabbatot, Sisterhood events, Men’s Club events, Museum trip, Book Club, etc., etc.

Of course, we also have our SIMCHA 2015 DINNER DANCE around the corner, to take place on SUNDAY, MAY 17th at 5:00 PM. We will share a very special evening together with a ton of laughs, great nostalgia, lots of dancing, great music, delicious food and pure and simple fun. Fifty years may seem like a lot but quite honestly, I feel just as much warmth, love, spirituality & togetherness today as I did 50 years ago. In fact, I feel even more.

As I look forward to our SIMCHA 2015 CELEBRATION, I want to take a moment to reflect a bit and express my sincere appreciation and admiration to my pulpit partners…I am honored to share the pulpit with Rabbi David Wise, a dear friend and colleague. He and I have developed a true friendship that is based on our love for HHJC, love of community, honor for our Jewish heritage, our passion for Jewish liturgy & prayer and our great mutual respect. We are both dedicated to the furtherance of Jewish Tradition & Culture and are determined to keep HHJC a leading force of Spirituality, Community & the root of Jewish Culture in the borough of Queens & beyond. I am also blessed to have shared the pulpit with Rabbi Joseph Simckes. He and I created a special bond many, many years ago that only gets stronger with time. He is a cherished friend whom I also love and respect tremendously.

I also must express my great respect, praise & appreciation to our exceptional & unique HHJC Leadership. Over the years we have been extremely fortunate to have had/and have an incredible leadership team (current & past), on every level. They lead with steadfast support & dedication. They understand and respect the importance of “Shalom Bayit” and “Tikkun Olam” and always conduct their roles with that in mind. They always work in collaboration with the clergy and the congregants, hand in hand, and through mutual teamwork, HHJC has become one of the eminent leading Synagogues in the New York Metropolitan area for Spirituality, Community Life, Culture & Tradition. I am proud to say that our congregation’s leadership is truly a role model for other Synagogues & communities.  We also have an incredible office staff. They are the best! They are immensely capable & extremely reliable & dependable. They not only get the job done but they do it beautifully!

Many of my family & friends will be attending this year’s Dinner Dance. They will be coming from cities across the country and perhaps across the world. I can’t wait to introduce my HHCJ family to the rest of my Mishpacha. I think we will have a lot of stories to share.

Get ready to laugh till you cry…eat till you explode…& dance till you platz!

By the way, I am in touch with Shalom TV and I will let you all know when our most recent concert (the one with the Cantors Assembly, when I was roasted to a crisp) will be aired on TV.

See you in Shul.

Cantorially always,
Cantor Sol Zim