Cantor Zim – Save the Dates



As our TRIBUTE TO ISRAEL CONCERT kicked off my Jubilee year at HHJC, now let’s get ready to have more fun…to laugh till we cry…to enjoy a full stage of Cantors all singing together.


MARCH 15, 2015 (Sunday)


Many of my friends and colleagues from the Cantor’s Assembly will come to HHJC, from all over the country, to treat us to a very special Evening of Music, as they join us in celebrating my special anniversary at HHJC. You will hear solos as well as combo performances. Each voice has its’ own uniqueness and beauty and combined together will captivate your spirits and transport you on a musical journey.  Reception to follow.

 MAY 17, 2015 (Sunday, Late Afternoon-Evening) 


I am so honored and very excited to celebrate my 50th anniversary with my HHJC family at our upcoming Dinner Dance. Put on your dancing shoes and get ready to smile from ear to ear as we enjoy some good food, reminisce and share many memories and laughs together.  Mark your calendars.

JUNE 14, 2015  (Sunday)  

A very special REUNION of ALL MY CHOIR MEMBERS from all the years past.  This will be a blast!  It will be wonderful having everyone come together, from near and far. Some are still kids and many will be adults, possibly raising families of their own by now. It will be a time filled with GREAT NOSTALGIA and SHARING MEMORIES.  Many have already reached out to tell me they will be there. The feedback has been fantastic and heartwarming.  ** If any of your children and/or grandchildren ever sang in my choir, or if you know anyone who ever sang in my choir, please call me or leave word with the Synagogue office and let me know how I can reach them. It will be a time not only of MUSIC & SONG but of LAUGHTER, FUN and FOOD!!!!  All are welcome!

By the way, as you know, I was asked to be the subject for a  NIGHT OF ROASTING.  I wholeheartedly agreed!  I just hope they don’t roast me too well done…DATE TO BE ANNOUNCED SOON.

I can’t wait to share these special moments and celebrations with each and every one of you. After all, you are all my family and HHJC is my home.

Cantorially always,
Cantor Sol Zim