Thank You! Chai: A Salute to Israel

My brother Ralph would have been elated to know how my HHJC family was truly there for me during my time of SHIVA. Your warmth, love & affection truly helped me get through this extremely difficult time. I am immensely grateful for the loving support you gave me. Thank you for the gracious and generous donations. Thank you to our President, Paul Reich and his wife Rebecca, who helped organize & arrange for all the meals. Thank you to the Executive Board, the Board of Trustees, the entire congregation and to our Administrative staff. Thank you to Gordon Goldman for organizing the Minyan each morning and night. Thank you all for giving me the opportunity to share with you the many wonderful and special qualities of my brother.  These cherished memories I shall have for the rest of my life.

Ralph was an unusual individual who was kind, considerate, compassionate and always there to lend a helping hand and say a kind word. He was truly a TZADDIK B’DORATO. At the memorial Service, attended by hundreds, I heard so many moving tributes about how my brother affected so many people’s lives. He would visit Nursing Homes, Hospitals & Jewish Community Centers and simply ask “How can I help”. He belonged to an Orthodox Synagogue where he would meet and strike up conversations with young and old alike, listen to their plights and offer a shoulder to lean on. I always knew he was a “people person” but even more so, he was an incredible human being. He made you feel special. He kept in touch with the entire family. You, my Congregation, were all there for me and I will always remember how wonderful you were.

As life moves on, I am now planning a very exciting CONCERT…SAVE THE DATE…It will take place on SUNDAY, NOVEMBER 23,2014 at the LEFRAK CONCERT HALL AT QUEENS COLLEGE.  We will have a full symphony and an array of Star Studded Performers.  They will knock your socks off (as well as mine). There will also be a SURPRISE GUEST”.

This concert will kick off my 50th year Anniversary at HHJC.  I am dedicating this concert to our JEWISH HOMELAND, THE STATE OF ISRAEL. As I embark upon my 50th year, I have been getting farklempt as I think about the many, many close friendships June and I have made at HHJC. You are not only my congregation but you are really my family. I love being your Cantor and love the bonds and friendships we have made!

As we approach the High Holidays, I will be touching base with many of you as I do each year. I look forward to speaking and chatting with you.

June and I would like to wish each and every one of you, and your families, A VERY HAPPY, HEALTHY & SWEET NEW YEAR, filled with GOOD HEALTH & PEACE. We love you!


See you in Shul.

Cantorially always,
Cantor Sol Zim