Aharei-Mot/Shabbat Hagadol 5774

We’re coming to the last Shabbat before Passover. For those who are expecting a long sermon in Yiddish exhorting you to prepare properly for Pesah, you may find yourself disappointed. We’ll have many opportunities to discuss the themes of the holiday throughout Yom Tov. This Shabbat, though, we welcome back our recent initiative, “Breakout Shabbat.”

As we did in February, when we get to the Torah reading this Shabbat, we’re providing two options: a regular full reading of the weekly portion in the sanctuary, and a parallel intensive Torah study/conversation in the chapel, facilitated by our Chesed Committee chair, Rebecca Reich. We’re looking to create multiple points of entry to the Shabbat morning experience at HHJC. We think that those among us who love to think and debate will be particularly fond of this model.

In order for this to work to its potential, I’m challenging you, the reader of this weekly dvar Torah, to make three simple commitments.

1. Read the Torah portion at least once before coming to shul. You can find this week’s parshah, Aharei-Motby clicking here.

2. Now that you’ve read it, what is the most pressing question you have about the parshah? Email it to me by Wednesday at midnight at .

3. Be in shul by 9:45 Shabbat morning so we can make a smooth transition and allow for the most possible time to study.

My commitment will be to take the questions you send me and help Rebecca frame a conversation that addresses as many of them as possible. We’ll go deeper than the surface of the text, but the text–Torah–is the place to start! Thanks in advance for helping to make Breakout Shabbat a repeat success.

Wishing you a Shabbat Shalom, 


Rabbi David Wise