After Passover: A Chance to Share Some Good Ideas

One of the interesting things about being Jewish at Passover is that every year thousands and thousands of Jewish families follow well-known and well-established Seder traditions, handed down through the generations.  At the same time, though, contemporary Jewish women and their families have found new ways to do things – new recipes, new customs, new ideas.

We know that the women of the Hollis Hills Jewish Center are part of that group of twenty-first century Jews who have made our own special additions to the Seder.  Sometimes we even get to individually tell our friends and neighbors some of our most successful recipes or ideas, if we talk to them right afterward.  The problem is that by the time there is a way to ask a large group of women what “worked” for them this year, to share with the entire Hollis Hills shul community, it is so far past Passover that no one can even remember what their successful new ideas were.  If there were new recipes used, they are already packed away.

To try to capture some of your great new Passover ideas this year, before they disappear – to share with everyone for next year – the Sisterhood is asking every woman who reads this to please take a minute and write down something you did this year that was unique and wonderful, or something you cooked that was special and delicious, and please send it in to Sisterhood, or mail it in, or email it to .  Write down as many as you like.  It is our hope that we will be able to make a collection of great Passover ideas and recipes for you to use next year.

Thank you for being part of our Passover collection adventure!