April Sisterhood News

Happy Spring! Happy Passover! Be sure this beautiful weather reverses the winter doldrums and get ready to enjoy all that you Sisterhood offers.

Our Third Annual Women’s Seder will take place on April 6th. If it’s not too late and you haven’t already, sign up with the office to treat yourself to a unique perspective on the Seder. You’re sure to be ready for Passover with a new outlook!

Thank You to everyone who participated in this year’s Purim Project, especially Maris Blechner our fearless Purim Woman! Sisterhood will be donating to several organizations thanks to your generosity.

Stay tuned for a new date for an Author Talk with Rita Plush whose latest book is Alterations, a collection of short stories written over many years. Rita will read a selection, answer questions and sign autographs. Bring friends, relatives and anyone who reads or writes. This is sure to be a fascinating morning. I have read the book, thoroughly enjoyed it and highly recommend it!! Rita’s stories grab you and completely immerse you in their words. You will, literally, laugh, cry, hear the sounds of the happenings and smell the chicken soup simmering. Read This Book!!

Just a Reminder: Sisterhood will no longer deliver challah, wine and cookies a week or so after Shiva as the Chesed Committee has begun sending meals to those sitting Shiva.

Save These Dates for Sisterhood Events: April 6; Women’s Seder, June 8; Shopping Trip, and June 11; End-of-the Year Event. Flyers will be available soon. Don’t forget to call in your RSVP’s to the office.

Audrey Shepard
Sisterhood President

PS: Remember, next year’s Sisterhood Shabbat will be on January 17, 2015, Parshat Va’era.