A Night to Remember

We did it!! Our Temple presented a magnificent and memorable concert to the Jewish community of Queens, like no other. We are leaders…pioneers…heralders…and most importantly, we are a Congregation, a family…bonded together by our steadfast dedication to our people, to our heritage and to ensuring that our Jewish culture lives on for generations to come. We don’t just sit back and hope that our people survive. We don’t leave it to the next guy to take the initiative. We don’t rely on others. WE MAKE IT HAPPEN! We bring Jewish Music & Culture to the forefront for our entire community. We take action in ensuring that the Jewish Community of Queens, NY remains a vital & vibrant anchor. Hollis Hills Jewish Center is a leading force, a messenger for the Jewish people. Our SALUTE TO ISRAEL CONCERT was a raving success. We brought the love of Israel, the love of Yiddishkeit and the love of community to heights that will ignite our hearts and souls for years to come.

How about that Symphony Orchestra!! They even swept me off my feet with their magnificence and splendor! Take it from me…they were a rare group of brilliant musicians. Dr. Mordechai Sobol’s extraordinary conducting of the orchestra and his meticulous command of every single note that was played by the musicians and every single note sung by the performers, was simply genius. Netanel Hershtik is an exceptional talent. His beautiful voice and charm captivated us all. Ofir Sobol put it all together and actually orchestrated many of the compositions. The Lefrak Concert Hall was the perfect place for our special evening, beautiful with fantastic acoustics.

For the first couple of days following the concert, my phone was ringing off the hook. One call after another. Everyone saying the same thing…WHAT AN AMAZING NIGHT! UNFORGETTABLE!! I’ve been getting calls from Rabbis, Cantors, Leaders of neighboring communities, Politicians, TV personalities, Editors of Newspapers, TV & Radio stations…but I must admit, I am most touched when you, my congregants, reach out to let me know how much you enjoyed this special evening.

What can I say about our very own Michael Borman. He is a genius in his own right. His clever jokes, hilarious one-liners, command of the comings and goings on the stage and his sheer presence, added a special touch to our evening. He is truly talented. I am a loyal fan! Joan Waxgiser helped me tremendously. When she had to go down to Florida for the few days before the concert, I must say…I realized how much I relied on her. Thank you to Donny Deutsch for helping us kick off the evening. Thank you to Paul & Rebecca Reich who really came through for me! Adrienne Glaubiger, Jerry Sandell & Marilyn Teleky thank you for all your help and support! Our HHJC Administrative Coordinators, Lou Ann Boscarino & Nancy Morse, were there every step of the way, organizing and putting it all together. You are both the best! I would like to thank Dennis Novick who so generously provided transportation for those who could not drive at night. My appreciation also goes to Tony, who wears many hats here at HHJC. He is there for all of us! Thank you to Joel Katz of Prestige Caterers for adding the icing to the cake with his delicious deserts.  A special Thank You goes to the Lesch Family and to all who supported and contributed, to making this evening not only a cultural success but also a financial success!

Todah Rabbah to my pulpit partner, Rabbi David Wise, for his beautiful words and friendship. Yasher Koach to our wonderful President, Michael Wolkofsky, for his intuitiveness, ingenuity and for his unwavering support of our Congregation and for Jewish Musical Culture.  Our Board of Trustees and Executive Board are to be commended for their insight and encouragement, in helping to bring events like this to our shul and to our community.

To all of you, who attended & supported this special concert….THANK YOU!!

Remember…Always keep Jewish Music in your hearts and let us always keep our beloved State of Israel in our thoughts and payers.

Cantorially always,
Cantor Sol Zim