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High Holidays 2020 / 5781

Welcome and Shana Tova for 5781. This is your special access to our holiday as a community. Share the page and the access code with family and friends.
These past months have been difficult and yet we go on and now we seek refuge in prayer for the next year free from harm and for normalcy in our lives.  In this area of our website we have made every effort to provide the resources, links and live connections to provide an opportunity to celebrate and worship the very special moments of Selichot, Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur and the Ten Days of Repentance (Aseret Yemei Teshuvah). Please make use of these pages and join with us virtually and spiritually as a community in thought and prayer as we welcome 5781.  Below you will find a message from our clergy – Our window into our livestreamed services

Scroll further down below the stream window and find tabs for many resources including videos of Cantor Zim and the Choir providing full recitation of many of the prayers that we have all come to know. Downloads including a Roadmap to Our Service and a Rosh Hashanah Seder Haggadah. 

A Message from Rabbi David Wise


A Message from Cantor Sol Zim


(Click the Window for Our Live Stream Schedule – Scroll BELOW the Window for Other Resources and Videos)

Scroll Down to Find More Offerings for the Holidays

Music of Rosh Hashanah

Experience the Joy of Rosh Hashanah Melodies with Cantor Sol Zim and Our HHBJC High Holiday Choir

Music of Yom Kippur/Kol Nidre

Experience the Music of Kol Nidre and Yom Kippur with Cantor Sol Zim and Choir

Resources for the High Holidays

A collection of resources online - to watch - to download - to read on line

Rabbi Wise has Assembled A List of Useful Guides and Websites. Each link will open in a separate window or tab on your browser. Read, Enjoy, Download.

The Rosh Hashanah Seder

Rosh Hashanah At Home – Ways to Celebrate – Ways to Observe 

Resources for Inspiration

Video Messages

Yizkor Book 2020

Use the Magnifying Option to Increase the Size on Your Screen

Rabbi Wise's Sermons

Using Technology For the Holidays

On this tab we provide a selection of how to videos for handling the technology for the holidays. 

If you wish to insure that your use of electronics during the holiday (and Shabbat) is minimized, you have two options.  One is to use your TV or Computer and go to our You Tube Channel, click on the HHBJC channel and choose the window for the service – click that window and then leave it active – there is no broadcast at this time so it will remain blank or tell you there is no broadcast or when it will start.   Follow directions on the videos about setting your computer, phones etc.  so that they will not go to sleep. If using your TV, similarly check your TV manual to insure that your TV does not go to sleep.  Leave either the computer or TV on and return for the service.  The You Tube Broadcast will start on its own.  

If you are accessing the service with a browser, you can open the browser and go to the page – having setup the phone, tablet or computer not to go to sleep. But you will have to click the screen for the service to start. 

Connecting your Computer to Your TV – there are outputs on your laptop and phone  to connect to one of the inputs on your TV or wirelessly. We have some example how to videos below.