Have A Positively Perfect Passover!

It’s that time of year!  Out with the bread, in with the Seders!


We have been having lots of Pesach fun already!  Family Connections was lucky enough to have a visit from Sari, creator of That Jewish Moment.  After writing poetry, parting the sea, and meeting lots of different characters, all our guests left with a free book and a greater appreciation for what it was like to escape from Egypt!


Coming up, we have more in store from Pesah University.


Monday, April 10th Family Connections will be playing Passover Bingo with the kids!  Stay tuned for more information.


Thursday, March 30th we can join Rabbi Wise at 8 PM in Menchel Hall as he presents The Maggid Map.  He will be walking us through all of the storytelling elements in the Haggadah.

On Saturday, April 1st we have a Shabbat HaGadol Pesah Doubleheader!
Rabbi Wise will teach during services and Rabbi Greene will offer a Lunch & Learn at 12:30 PM.


What is your favorite part of the Passover Seder?  We would love to know!  Share with us via email at .

My favorite is the lollycones!  I may have already opened a box.  Oops!

Have a wonderful, peaceful, happy holiday.



Family Connections