September 2019 Youth Group News

Dear Congregants,

This summer, our chapter board members are beginning to plan our H2I programs and events for next year! So far, we have many meaningful programs that have been planned. To start our year off we will be having a “Welcome Back” program for all groups. We will also have a “Make Your Own Ice-cream Night! Another meaningful program in September will be a night where we celebrate the high holidays as an H2I family. Programs will start at Hollis Hills Bayside Jewish Center (September 8 to November 24). Next, programs will be held at ICCJ (December 8 to February 9). We will end our year at Hillcrest Jewish Center (March 1 to May 17). Additionally, we are so excited to say that we will have many members participating in METNY Encampment 2019 during the summer.

We are looking forward to beginning our next year as H2I! Look out for the 2019-2020 programming calendar coming out mid-August!

If any questions arise, please feel free to reach out at any time at my email

Thank you,

Jen Gold

H2I Youth Director