July-August 2019 Youth Group News

Dear Congregants,

It has been a FANTASTIC year for H2I! Our chapter board and members have created and participated in multiple meaningful programs both within the chapter, divisionally and regionally.

We just wanted to acknowledge and shed light on all of the chapter board members that helped make this year possible.

Chapter Board Shout Outs:

Marly Sobiecki, President of H2I USY
Sivana Schulman, Social Actions/Tikkun Olam Vice President
Emma Klagsbrun, Social Actions/Tikkun Olam Vice President
Abby Kogan, Religious Education Vice President
Sofie Teplitsky, Membership Kadima Vice President
Arielle Schlissel, Israel Affairs Vice President
Myles Resnick, Communications Vice President
Alex Ackerman, Freshman Representative

Also, a special thanks to our wonderful advisors as well for dedicating their time to helping make H2I the amazing youth group it continues to be!

Ricki Zimmerman
Melissa Amster
Ilan Kogan

This summer, we are excited to plan meaningful programs for our members. Check back in with us in August when we begin to send our program calendars out.

See you at Encampment on August 18-25! Check the METNY USY website for further info!

-H2I Youth Group